PARCO Preparation

We move steadily to put the final touches to our new facility in PARCO in Dubai, a dedicated new facility for our bodybuilding works, at the heart of Dubai’s industrial area.

Phase 1 of the facility, at over 22000 sq. m., is currently undergoing final touch up work prior to commencing operations.

Delivery of Flat Beds for Export

A recent delivery of a fast track construction program of 20 flat beds for export, completed in less than a month. Mammut commitment to quality response to an urgent requirement, based on local engineering and construction, materials management and stock planning, and always to match the specific operational requirements of our clients.

Another Car Carrier!

Another fast track project specifically designed and constructed by Mammut in record time, to meet an urgent client requirement.

Another demonstration of the in-depth resources that allows such projects to be realized to the highest quality and tightest of schedules.